Personal Training, Nutritional Advice, Group Sessions

A free consultation before you start will help you decide if Dia is the right trainer for you. You get the chance to talk about your goals and what you expect from your trainer. The sessions take place in your home or outdoors.
If there are any contraindication, any condition, injury that can endanger the safety of the personal training sessions you may be asked a referral letter from your GP.
Don’t forget you can always tell your trainer if you have any preferences regarding the exercise choices to make sure you are enjoying your sessions as well as achieving your goals


Pilates improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness.
All you need is your own Pilates or Yoga mat.

You can attend Dia’s Pilates Classes:

Monday 12.45pm – Mixed Ability (Nizels)
Tuesday 7.30am – Mixed Ability (Nizels)
Thursday 9.15am – Mixed Ability (Nizels)
or you can join our online zoom classes.


Yoga increases flexibility in the muscles and mobility around the joints. The breathing techniques help lower blood pressure and heart rate. The guided relaxation reduces stress levels and leaves you feeling refreshed. The postures help strengthen the body overall to provide you with the general feeling of well being.
All you need is your own yoga mat.

You can attend Dia’s Yoga classes:

Monday 5.45pm – Dynamic Yoga (Sevenoaks Leisure Centre)
Tuesday 5.30pm – Dynamic Yoga (CrossFit Tonbridge & TAG) – Online Zoom class
Wednesday 10.30am – Dynamic Yoga (CrossFit Tonbridge & TAG) – Live class at TAG
Thursday 1pm Dynamic Yoga (CrossFit Tonbridge & TAG) – Online Zoom class
11.30pm – Gentle Yoga (Nizels)
Friday 10.45am – Dynamic Yoga (Sevenoaks Leisure Centre)
or you can participate in our online zoom classes.

Forms to fill in before your first session:

You can download and print out the documents prior to your first private session:

Client Trainer Agreement
Client Record Form